First fimo adventures: Miniature dolls house floor tiles

I used fimo for the first time and wow! I love it. The results are not as good as how much I enjoyed the process, so hopefully I’ll improve haha. So I took some photos as I went along.

I used this video tutorial from you tube

As you can see, mine did not come out as well hahahaha.

Clearly, I reduced it down too much. They are also very uneven cos I cut them by eye

So they’re better as garden cobbles than floor tiles but I learned a lot haha. The second batch made with leftovers went better. I made a couple of bowls as well.

I learned that you can put the top of a sqooshy cream bottle in the oven at 110 and it won’t melt. I reduce the canes too much. And it is worth removing fingerprints before baking. The mesh of a marbles bag makes a surface that looks a lot like crocodile skin. If a tile is 50/50 black and white, it will look more black than white. Also you can’t cut evenly by eye. I’m not sure how to slice the canes evenly to make floor tiles. And I think I’m giving up on floor tiles until I get a pasta roller cos they demand too much precision to do by hand. But I enjoyed making them and I love how clean and easy it is, to work with fimo. Next on the list is some picture frames and bowls. I’ll let you know how I get on 🤣🤣


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