Set my people free: English oppression of My People must be stopped!

The only reason the international community is not outraged and up in arms about how Scotland is treated within the “union” of “Great” “Britain” is that it has been going on for so long, everyone’s used to it.

I am writing this for international followers and friends. Please support us in our fight for independence.

There is an “Obama effect” going on: “we” were “given” our “own” “national” assembly, so what’s the problem? We have a football team, don’t we? We have a flag and a song (that we are only allowed to use sometimes, if it’s OK with the queen, who we have to pledge allegiance to if we want public office). No one is in a concentration camp (any more). What’s the problem?

Well, just as Obama didn’t mean racism was over in the US, a flag and a song a couple of times a year does not make us a nation. We will not be bought off any longer with window dressing. We demand recognition and an end to structural inequality. In short, we demand independence.

Hang on though: “we” were “given” a “referendum” weren’t “we”? We voted to stay. What’s the problem?

Ladies and gentlemen of the international community, I give you: The Problem

1. “We” were NOT “given” a “referendum”. Scottish people living outside Scotland were not allowed to vote. This is unfair, as the English have been following a policy of depopulation in Scotland for generations. Many have had to seek work in other countries. But that is against our will, we are economic refugees, and Scotland is our home. We had the right to vote.

2. The “referendum” was NOT free and fair. I think all I have to say about this is “Brexit/Donald Trump”. The Scottish people were inundated with a veritable Hurricane Bawbag of lies and #fakenews. Whether subtly, through perniciously colonialist education policies, systematic deskilling of the people, deliberate “underinvestment” i.e. “stealing”, destruction of communities, a few hundred years of mental slavery and all that engenders, rank lies and threats on state-controlled BBC; through to more heavy-handed tactics such as labour and conservative politicians going door-to-door telling old people if they voted for independence they would lose their pensions, threats over our EU membership (which was never in doubt), threats to undermine our economy post independence through currency manipulation. In addition, 16 year olds were not allowed to vote, despite that being the will of the people, based only on the fact it was known they were 100% going to vote for independence. That referendum was at big-brother-thoughtpolice levels of NOT free and fair

3. We have always been an important member of Europe, from far before the English made us part of their empire. It means a lot to us. We mean a lot to them, too. They do not have the right to destroy what we consider to be our extended family because of some neoliberalist new world order Tory bullshit, especially as Scotland voted “remain” in the Brexit poll

4. Betrayals of the act of union: are numerous, and no doubt seriously discussed elsewhere. Needless to say in my opinion the English have broken the act of union and thus do not have the right to enforce it

You won’t see it on TV, because it wouldn’t make exciting TV. The English aren’t bombing us (at the moment, although they’re not too keen on our political leaders, and it’s not that long ago they were bombing our brothers and sisters in Ireland, but I digress, except I don’t digress really). But they ARE oppressing us, and through their disgusting neoliberal racist policies they are killing us.

We want independence so we can welcome those who need a place to be. We want to share the blessed gift of our beautiful and sustaining part of this world with those in need. We want independence so we can build a fairer society. We want common ownership of our land restored. We want to protect that land from further environmental damage. We want to be in charge of our own free and fair media and education system. We want to own our water and our oil and our fish, and decide how we spend the money (plans which do NOT include further enriching mothercunting tories who are only rich cos they were once given Aberdeenshire cos their great great great great Auntie was a massive ho who once popped one out for a foreign kings brother): and there is all you need to know.

The people who don’t want Scottish independence and who are oppressing us, are the same neoliberal fuckheads who are trying to do it everywhere else. It’s all just about stealing our money. They’ve been practicing in Scotland and let me tell you: things has gone VERY well for them in the last few years. They reckon they’ve got the formula cracked.

So please, help us fight for our independence. We will help you fight for yours ✊🏻

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