Internet was down. Never use talktalk 不不 – Saturday 6 word musings (on Sunday)

I think these are going to end up being “Sunday six word musings” cos I stupidly went with talktalk who can’t provide Internet and have stolen 瞿300 from my bank account. So the internet is down, which is why I have an unhealthily long list of six letter Saturday musings and they’re on Sunday 不不不

Did he indicate his intended absence?

I wish I hadn’t seen that

I have heard of your kind

I think I’d do it again

I just can’t do that, Miss

I didn’t notice anything change

No-one ever listens when I talk

I’ll never understand why you didn’t

I wish you’d told me sooner

We were always together, like sisters

Love has always involved a betrayal

I wash my hands of you

Is it possible to un-see things?

What is it worth to you?

We need to end capitalism now

My puppy just pissed indoors AGAIN

If love were real, I’d 歹 you

Do you think I wanted this?

I only did what you wanted

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