I was radicalised by my teachers: thoughts on school and mental slavery

For me, the most important conversations within Rastafari have been on the subject of “mental slavery”. Jahs people were in slavery, in Babylon, and have been ever since. Our chains were removed at a certain point. But this was not freedom, cos the plantation owner doesn’t take your chains off till they’ve made damn sure you can’t escape. So there are structural barriers, to ensure you remain an asset on the books. Tall walls, guards and cctv, or in modern Babylon, systematic discrimination, structural inequality and a police state. But these are expensive to maintain, and you can’t actually build that many walls. So this is backed up by psychological control.

This is mental slavery. We are told, as slaves have always been told, that in the unknown territory around our plantation are monsters that will kill us, like communism, disease, famine, etc. Imagine if we didn’t live on the plantation/under capitalism?!?! What would happen to us? Would there be no healthcare, would we all have to live in caves, who would protect us from the evil people who want to kill us? (muslims, mainly, right now, but that changes according to economic expediency).

The cleverest part of mental slavery, and here I have found studying cults most illuminating, is that it has an inbuilt safety mechanism whereby anyone who challenges the system, is automatically assumed to be a threat to the individual, and is therefore discredited and are neautralised. They are “tin foil hat wearers”. Or crazy commies.

As an example, look what the did to Jesus. Clever. What if his word had spread, and people really had started loving each other, and sharing everything? The romans would have had to get a job 😬. So that can’t happen. What does Babylon do? Well, it kills jesus for a start. It kills a lot of the early followers, but it doesn’t work. These are the most dangerous ideas for Babylon, the challenges which they try to murder which still don’t die. Cf. civil rights, communism, rights for woman, fair trade, peace and love: the babylonians have killed a LOT of people to try to kill these ideas, but they keep spreading.

So they move to the next stage: mental slavery. They take jesus, and they neutralise him. He is brought into the mainstream, his ideas are a “religion” now. They’ve been written down in a book, so they can be (and are) changed depending to the Pharoah at the time. Followers gather in one place, where they can be monitored, where money taken in is recorded and a cut taken for the state. His serious ideas, such as love and fair distribution of wealth, are minimised, and the leaders work to turn the people’s heads away to irrelevant ideas which maintain Babylon, for example sexism, homophobia and xenophobia.

And so jesus goes from being someone who could have changed the world, into a powerless figure we only think about at fixed times which revolve around the needs of capitalism, e.g. Christmas and Easter. In fact, his ideas are formally dismissed from our legal system, for example. And while all these people are gathering together in one place controlled and monitored by the state, they’re not out working on each other’s farms and helping lift each other up.

So, mental slavery. And what lead me to thinking about it today, is thinking about school. Rid yourself of the preconceived notion that school has anything to do with “educating your child”, and examine school as it actually is.

School is a factory, which takes beautiful natural humans, breaks their spirit, and attempts to ruin their brain for life by limiting it functionally and filling it with absolute horseshit.

So much for generally. Now, examine the curriculum. Are they teaching your kids, what YOU would teach them? When they are taught history and geography, are they told the truth? Is your child learning about things they find interesting and valuable, or are they being told that it doesn’t matter what they find interesting or valuable and to shut up and learn what the government says is valuable? Does your kid like school? If you said to them in the morning, would you rather go to school or would you rather hang out with me today, what would they say?

And is it natural, anyway? When I got my puppy I took him at six weeks, which is reckoned to be the earliest you can take a puppy from his mother without suffering. All animals have a natural stage where they have reached a point they can look after themselves and they naturally leave their parents. Why do we send our kids away so young, when all the scientific evidence is they shouldn’t be leaving their home for education until at least 7 years old? Maybe there are some five year olds who Love school, fewer ten year olds I would say. But why should any child go somewhere every day if that’s not what they want to do?

Would you make your dog do that, send it off to an environment it hates, which was not built for him, where he is only one of a thousand or so, without you, to be looked after by people you barely know for eight hours, every day? Now imagine the dog is crying and scratching and doesn’t want to go, and still you drag them all the way up the street on the lead, open the cage door, and force them through? Would you? Frankly, the RSPCA would get involved if you did that to a dog, especially to a six week old puppy. So why do you do it with your kids? What makes you think, that there is any imperative more important than you and your kid being happy today?

Did my puppy’s mother kick him out at 4 weeks cos that’s more convenient? No, she didn’t, and my puppy didn’t try to leave. They were happy and enjoyed their time together. Their right to that time together is actually protected in English law. That should be a human right too, how dare we separate children from parents before they are ready to go? If you think that’s ok, I think you are in “mental slavery”. Maybe you don’t realise you’re wearing chains, but that’s cos Babylon had control of your mind as a child too, and you don’t realise how fucked up Babylon/capitalism is.

If it has a real hold on your brain, the more people try to warn you that you are in a cult, the more you will distrust them and feel attacked and thus cling to your abuser.

Side point: that is why the government criminalised marijuana, which has no health or social justification whatever. But very few people who smoke marijuana buy government lies and bullshit, and that is why they don’t want everyone smoking it. What if we all said we wouldn’t go to work any more until there was a minimum wage? What if we all stopped buying SkyTV? What if we all voted for the Green Party? Nightmare. 😬

So I suppose the point of this post is: if you think it’s acceptable to send a child to school, then I think you’re in a cult and you need help


  1. No matter – your thoughts are what me and my other half talk about every single day!!! We’ve always said – what if everyone stopped paying their poll tax …… why do people not march about Brexit, why do people vote for the abhorrent Tories? Our youngest son went off to Barcelona to live his life without adhering to social norms and capitalism – he is free in the true sense of the word. Yes, he works, just enough to live and the rest of the time he enjoys being alive ….. if Uni (and our debt…) taught him anything, it opened his eyes to the great social experiment .

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    • Agreed. Just frustrating how long it’s taking people to work this out, cow it doesn’t seem subtle haha. I am obsessed with universal basic income; I believe if we could win that fight, all kinds of things become possible


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