Love in a frozen climate

As an antidote to social media-perfect instagram-worthy lives: my ongoing series of photographs, representing divorce through the medium of frozen food

tonight’s meal for one = hamburgers wrapped in puff pastry 😟<<

I call this piece: When Did This Become My Life? 😪 Frozen microwave cheeseburger with salad cream I call this piece “I wish we had finished the kitchen before we got divorced”. Frozen chicken pops £1

I call this piece: Big Friday Night. Crispy seaweed 😋

I call this piece “I haven’t done the washing up” I call this piece “I didn’t hear the oven bell (again)” it is subtitled “I can’t do anything right since you left” . It was cauliflower cheese

I don’t have a name for this piece. After eating it, I think I’m just too depressed 😢 (and still hungry)

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